Paulson Poker Chips

Paulson Poker Chips
Paulson Poker Chips have been around for many years. These are the number
one poker chips in American. So what makes these chips more expensive and
better then other chips?

Well, the fact that almost all the casino’s in Las Vegas such as Mirage,
Monte Carlo, Treasure Island, and Bellagio just to name a few use these chip.
This is a pure clay poker chip and it’s very hard to counterfeit these chips.
Paulson poke chip is not only chip in the market that is pure clay and it’s
design and quality stands out among the rest. Most people think that this
chips is made in American, but they are wrong these chips are manufactured in
Mexico. Most of the chips that are in the market are manufactured in China.
This is the only poker chip that is made in Mexico. Recently there’s been an
article out on Paulson Poker Chips that it may have led. What lot of people
don\’t understand is that these chips have been around for many years in Vegas.
If there was any signs of led we would of heard about it. However, the
article that was written did not have any proof that Paulson Chips contained
led. That article has had some impact on the poker chip market. which is the distributor of Paulson Poker Chips
believes if Paulson Chips, the king of poker chips, has led then the
materials of poker chips made in china should have more led because it not as heavily watched as the Paulson Chips in production. Paulson Chips have few
different designs such as the Top Hat and Cane, the Pharaoh’s Club, the Top
Hat and Cane World, and those chips are available without denominations.
These chips are very distinctive because of the center piece being laminated.
They are one of the best chips when it comes to sound and stacking up the
chips. Because the chip is pure clay is not so slippery when you are
shuffling the chips or doing tricks. This chip is manufactured and engineered
by Paulson the undisputed leader in professional casino poker chip

This chip is the highest-quality clay available in the world.
Above all the same procedure is followed which means the control of our chips
is the same way its manufacturers control genuine casino chips
Multi-colored edge spot design  w/ inlay that is sealed to the chip. No pealing
or staining
With linen type finish
Can be cleaned with warm water and mild soap
Protection makes nearly impossible to take the logo off without ruining the

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